Best Affordable Laser Engraver-Atomstack X7 Pro/A10Pro

Everyone who needs a laser engraver machine is always confused about how to choose a laser cutting engraving machine that suits them, especially for consumers with a lower budget. If you are interested in this, through this article, you will understand Atomstack primary flagship wood laser cutter and engraver
X7Pro, as a flagship engraving machine, not only has a suitable price, but also has such comprehensive and powerful functions.

Atomstack X7 Pro laser engraving machine has a variety of functions to meet various needs. First of all, it is equipped with 50W electric power, which is enough to satisfy most users. At the same time, it has a laser output of 10 watts, which is far more than the classic 5-watt laser in the past. It can easily cut 20MM wood and 15MM non-transparent acrylic boards. , it can engrave and cut on a variety of materials including wood, leather, paper, cloth, plastic, rubber, acrylic and metal. If there are users who want to know about changing laser parameters, please click here:

Easy to use: Atomstack X7 Pro laser engraving machine adopts one-button operation, which is easy and convenient to operate. You only need to import the designed pattern into the software, and then place the material on the workbench to start carving and cutting. In addition, the Atomstack X7 Pro laser engraving machine is also equipped with safety protection devices to ensure the safety of users. Not only that, in order to solve the problem of user equipment, this engraving machine has the same configuration as the strongest flagship, that is, it can be controlled by mobile phone, touch screen and computer, which greatly simplifies the use process, which is good for those who often use mobile phones It is a cheap and convenient feature for people.

High-precision: Atomstack X7 Pro laser engraving machine adopts high-precision laser technology, which can achieve very fine engraving and cutting. It can operate within an accuracy range of 0.01mm and can produce very detailed patterns and text. In addition, Atomstack X7 Pro laser engraving machine also has the ability of high-speed engraving and cutting, which can improve work efficiency.

Summary: If you want to choose a machine that is powerful enough, full-featured and affordable, and provides one-year guarantee and technical support. This is definitely a very suitable and best engraver choice for you.

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