[Pre-order] Atomstack D2 Air Purifier for Laser Engraver Smoke Filter

★ 99.97% Purification Rate
★ With no more than 50dB* noise rate
★Activated carbon and HEPA filters
★ High quality and durable

Precio de venta$169.00


Product Specification


Atomstack Maker
Model D2
Size 240*269*404mm
Purification Efficiency 99.97%
Noise Level




1. Made for laser cutting: Atomstack Maker D2 air purifier, specially developed for laser cutting with 7-layer filter cartridge, strongly filtering the odor and harmful substances generated by laser cutting, with a filtration rate of 99.97%.

2. Contribute to environmental protection: the direct emission of cutting exhaust gas in the atmosphere will produce more pollution, use the air purifier to make the air fresh;

3. Healthy creation: use Atomstack Maker air purifier, and say goodbye to all the polluting gases: PM2.5/PM10/formaldehyde/TVOC etc. Health is priceless, for the health of you and your family, please do a good job of safety protection;

4. Breakthrough working environment restrictions: no longer need to worry about the workplace of laser cutting, using Atomstack Maker D2's shield and air purifier, no need to worry about the problem of exhaust fumes and air pollution, you can work safely in your garage, basement, workshop.

5. long life: a single cartridge can work continuously for 3-6 months when used for about three hours a day in normal laser cutting wood panels, and the single continuous working time can reach 200H, giving you long and efficient protection.

6. easy to replace: only three steps, no need to disassemble the line, one minute to quickly replace the cartridge.

7. High adaptability: Atomstack Maker purifier can be adapted to all Atomstack and Ortur, NEJE, xtool, Sculpfun and other brands of protective box products.

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