Pre Order Atomstack R30 Laser Module Ultra High Precision Infrared Laser Large area metal and plastic products engraving

Einsparung $100.00

☆ 0.03mm circular laser spot
☆ 2000Hz Pulse Engergy
☆ 40W Electric Power
☆ High Speed Precis Engraving
☆ Made for Engraving Metal

$499.99 for first 200 customers
Estimated delivery date: Before September 30

Sonderpreis$499.99 USD Normalpreis$599.99 USD


Applicable Models:

X20 Pro, A20 Pro, S20 Pro
X7 Pro, A10 Pro, S10 Pro, X7
A5 Pro, A5 Pro+
A5 M30, A5 M40, A5 M50
A5 20W, A5 10W
P9 M50, P9 M40, P7 M40, P7 M30

Applicable Other Machine:
Ortur, Neje, sculpfun, twotree


1. ultra-high precision engraving of various metal and plastic products (blue laser engraving copper, gold, alloy, etc. lack of capacity)

2. cold light source, no effect on human skin, no fire hazards.

3. spot size better than all fiber industrial laser and blue light, 0.03mm diameter

4. laser pulse frequency 20000HZ, pulse energy is 6 times that of blue laser.


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