Firmware upgrade for atomstack laser engraving machine work with APP

Prepare Fireware Package

1. Fireware  package. Select the QR code below to get the firmware install package. system computer

3.Applicable for: X7 Pro, S10 Pro, A10 pro

Install upgrade software

Step1. Install MKSLaserTool

Step2 Connecting the machine

  1. Open LaserGRBL to connection machine to be upgraded
  2. Check the value of  COM and remember this value
  3. Baud's value is 115200
  4. Click the connect button to see if the computer is properly connected to the machine

Step3 Set the upgrade software parameters

  1. Close LaserGRBL software
  2. Configure MKSLaser Tool parameters
  3. Set Flash Size as 8MB and COM as COM6(This value is same as the COM value in Step2)

Step 4 Easer firmware code

  1. Erase the firmware code from the machine
  2. Firmware successfully flashed.
  3. Don't turn off the machine or reset device until the installation of the new firmware code is completed

Step 5. Install new firmware code
  1. Select a new firmeare code
  2. select .bin.file
  3. Click [start] button install
  4. Finish install

Finally close the software and machine, turn the machine back on and use the app to connect to the machine


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I came to the same problem, I don’t see on the Internet where you can download that firmware or the MSKLaser Tool. I also don’t see why LaserGRBL should be run first when it’s not being used to upgrade the machine



is the baudrate as shown in the flash tool correct or should it be 115200?
Is there a link to the firmwares and the MKS Laser Tool?
I would love to do this, but there are no files to do it and I don"t want to kill my machine from firmwares out of suspicious sources.
Please contact me.

Best regards,

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